Engagement & Weddings

Congratulations! She said yes!  It’s time to have a drink or a few.

Your wedding day and engagement party are wonderful ways to share part of your life with the people you care about. We know how special it is to have all your family and friends together to celebrate two people-one commitment. There are really no rules to planning your celebrations as long as you keep the food coming and the drinks flowing, your loved ones will be more than happy to celebrate with you.

So whether you’re having a big celebration or casual gathering, we’re here to help with all your bar needs so you and your bride-to-be can be the center of attention.

As for the booze, an open bar is always preferred, but beer and wine and a champagne toast will do— you can even throw in a signature cocktail to commemorate the first time you met!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we’d be happy to handle all the bar details, provide the right staff and serve all your guests!

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